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White Dress Floating

Life went on when the rain didn’t stop. It started with the glaciers melting. Then the tsunamis and hurricanes, eyes small, teeth barring, hit the coasts. No one listened. Earthquakes decimated eighty percent of countries, and no one listened. No one listened when the rain came, when it lasted a week, three weeks, two months, a year. But they listened to the roar of waves as they gobbled up the coastlines to the foothills of the Appalachians and Rockies. New York, L.A., Miami, all lost under

Book Review, Grubendore, and Crap-Stained Glasses

Edgewater, by Courtney Sheinmel, is a YA book about horses, empty trust funds, senile guardians, badass moms, and love without class limitations. 1)  Horses are a girl’s best friend.  And like most best friends, not everyone get’s why you love who you love.  A lot of rich girls have what Lorrie loves, horses, without actually riding or caring for them.  Lorrie would do anything for Orion, her stallion, except sell him to the evil queen of her riding camp.  But, there’s only so much lemonade one

A Brenna Yovanoff Weekend

Earlier this year I read Brenna’s Paper Valentines and The Replacement.  They were great.  I was in the mood for dark, quirky, magical, and somewhat romantic.  So, any one of the Merry Sisters will do.* *Merry Sisters:  aka the three women taking over the literary world (at least mine).  These three are writing partners and great friends, and it’s worth exploring their work.  For me, it started with Maggie Steifvater, then Brenna Yovanoff, and soon I shall venture into Tessa Gratton’s work (I h